P51 Sale from Zest Air on ALL domestic destinations!


Zest Air celebrates Labor Day with the country’s no.1 catalyst of development, the nation’s work-force!

Philippine-holidays-2016 Booking.com

For as low as P 51.00 in ANY Zest Air domestic destinations ONE WAY (Limited Seats Only)!

SELLING: May 1-3, 2012.
TRAVEL: Jan. 15-March 15,2013 and June 15-Oct.15, 2013

(Exclusive of fuel surcharge,ASF,TF and other miscellaneous charges).
Visit www.zestair.com.ph for on-line booking/purchase or call our hotline at 02.855.3333 (open from 0700-2300 hrs) and beyond 2300 hrs. at 852.4313/851.3302 (open 24/7) to reserve your seats!
Terms and conditions apply.

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